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CyberSvan - AI based detection

AI-powered and patent-backed advanced malware and fake website detection product.

Cybersvan product was shortlisted as one of the finalists for India’s prominent DSCI Innovation Box 2023.

CyberSvan is a cutting-edge cybersecurity product developed by Proyava Innovations. It is a patented solution based on signature-less artificial intelligence algorithms. CyberSvan's primary function is to detect and mitigate malware threats without relying on traditional signature-based methods. This innovative technology offers advanced protection against cyber threats, enhancing the security posture of organizations and individuals in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

CyberSvan, developed by Proyava Innovations, offers a versatile and robust cybersecurity solution with applications across various critical domains:

  1. Malware Detection: CyberSvan excels in identifying and neutralizing malware threats by utilizing signature-less AI algorithms. It provides proactive defense against both known and emerging malware.

  2. Ransomware Detection: The advanced algorithms employed by CyberSvan enable it to detect and thwart ransomware attacks, safeguarding organizations from data encryption and extortion attempts.

  3. Network Monitoring: CyberSvan offers real-time network monitoring capabilities. It continuously scans network traffic for signs of malicious activity, helping to identify and mitigate threats before they can cause harm.

  4. Endpoint Monitoring: CyberSvan extends its protection to endpoints (devices) within an organization's network. It actively monitors and secures these devices against malware infiltration and data breaches.

  5. Data Protection: With its malware detection and prevention features, CyberSvan plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access, leakage, or manipulation.

  6. Privacy Protection: CyberSvan contributes to privacy protection by detecting and blocking threats that can compromise personal and confidential information, ensuring data remains confidential and secure.

  7. Fake Website Detection: CyberSvan helps organizations to provide fake and duplicate website detection to both its customers as well as to its IT management.

In summary, CyberSvan is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides multi-faceted protection against malware, ransomware, network vulnerabilities, and data breaches. It is an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to bolster their security posture, maintain privacy, and adhere to regulatory standards.


Pro5GC is a cutting-edge 5G Core (5GC) product suite developed by Proyava Innovations.

Pro5G Core (Pro5GC) by Proyava Innovations offers a versatile array of applications in the 5G domain:

  1. Security Test Solution: Pro5GC serves as a robust tool for security testing, enabling organizations to assess and enhance the security of their 5G networks, identify vulnerabilities, conformance with 3GPP security requirements and conduct threat assessments.

  2. 5G Core Simulation / Emulation: Pro5GC provides a platform for simulating and emulating 5G core networks, supporting the testing and development of 5G applications, services, and devices in a controlled environment.

  3. Private 5G Network: Pro5GC can be employed to establish private 5G networks, tailor-made to meet specific industry requirements. These networks offer secure, high-performance connectivity for applications in sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

  4. 5G Core Test Application: It functions as a comprehensive testing solution for 5G core networks, allowing organizations to evaluate network performance, reliability, standard compliance and scalability under various conditions.

  5. 5G Research: Pro5GC is a valuable tool for researchers exploring 5G technologies. It facilitates experimentation, testing, and innovation in the 5G space, supporting academic and industry research initiatives.

  6. Application Feasibility: Organizations can leverage Pro5GC to assess the feasibility of 5G applications and services, gaining insights into technical requirements, challenges, and potential use cases; for applications like IoT, Healthcare, Industrial, Automobile, Education and so on.

  7. 5G Test Lab Applications: Pro5GC is well-suited for 5G test labs, offering the flexibility to simulate and evaluate diverse 5G scenarios, configurations, and performance metrics; specially on core network where there are limited options and test specifications.

  8. 5G Network in a Box: Pro5GC can be deployed as a compact, self-contained 5G network solution, making it valuable for scenarios requiring rapid deployment and mobility, such as defense and emergency response operations.

  9. Defense / Emergency Response Small Network Requirements: It caters to the unique network requirements of defense and emergency response applications, providing reliable, high-speed connectivity in critical situations.

  10. Play with 5G Needs: Pro5GC serves as a versatile platform for researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to experiment with 5G technology, fostering innovation and exploration in the evolving 5G ecosystem.

In summary, Pro5GC is a versatile and adaptable solution with a wide range of applications, from enhancing security and enabling private networks to supporting research, testing, and innovation across various 5G use cases and scenarios.