Corporate Profile

Proyava Innovations is an Indian-based start-up specializing in cybersecurity, 5G, fintech, and enterprise solutions.  Proyava holds a patent for a signature-less AI-based malware detection system called CyberSvan. The company is now venturing into the 5G Core domain with its product Pro5G, aiming to establish a global presence known for innovation and technological excellence.

Our Mission

Proyava's mission is to drive innovation and technological advancement in the fields of cybersecurity, 5G Telecom, fintech, and enterprise solutions, with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge, secure, and efficient products and services.

Our Vision

Proyava envisions becoming a globally recognized technology R&D company, known for its excellence in product development, quality, cybersecurity expertise, and a strong presence in diverse domains, ultimately shaping the future of technology through innovation and adaptability.



Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Pranesh is the CEO and Founder of PROYAVA. He has over two decades of experience including entrepreneurship, technology, managing complex deliveries leadership roles In his earlier roles handled executive, delivery management, building high performance teams and managing customer engagements across the globe.

Pranesh earlier worked with R&D organizations, large and medium size IT service delivery and startups across the globe.

Pranesh holds Masters in computer application along with multiple management and cyber security certifications. Authored papers, presentations in international forums.